Monday, April 29, 2013

Cellular phones and what they might indicate

     Cellular phones have blown up in a matter of years. According to the Huffington Post "86 of every 100 people [in the world]" own cell phones. The article went on to say "there were about six billion subscriptions by the end of 2011.". With cell phones so popular right now, it makes one think "What else is out there?" The new "Google Glasses" looks like a candidate. With a HUD (Heads Up Display) screen that you can view through your glasses, it stands right along side with an android code available for the "Google Glasses".

     Check out this link, it's a demo of how they would feel from a first person's view. According to ZDNet "Google" today released an android code. This means people can according to ZDNet "start programming"  for "Google Glasses". Mobile devices are huge, and it seems as though "Google Glasses" will stand by their side. If you want to check out more click here and you can even sign up to hopefully be selected as one of the few lucky people that "Google" deems worthy of their glasses.

     Feel free to comment with your own thoughts.

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  1. Too early to say this but investigation on the capability starts right away as Google has exposed the source code.

  2. Perhaps it is too early to say. One thing is for certain though, there is a huge market for personal and mobile computers. This is definitely a strong play to try and tap into that market.