Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Put time into where you want to grow

     Naturally where you put your time is where you will grow. Choosing where you want to grow is important, and it will always affect the future. When discovering new ideas and opportunities, often people want to quit before they've even had a chance to start. They think that because something doesn't come naturally to them they shouldn't put their time into it. That thinking infers that other people before them didn't have to encounter the same obstacles.

     The saddest part is you are cheating yourself, because you did not even give yourself a real chance to grow and really discover what you are learning. So put your time into things that really concern you, and where you want to grow. If it's something you tremendously enjoy, it seems almost impossible that you'll regret it after learning its intricacies.

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  1. I love this because - I am currently putting time into my writing because I want it to grow. On top of running my blog... I am writing a personal journal everyday where I just write along for 5minutes straight any thoughts in my head and its really therapeutic/fun!


    Danielle Faith

  2. Thank you. The more time you dedicate, the more you will grow in wherever you choose. Choosing wisely and then sticking to your goal is pertinent.