Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2,300 year old Mayan structure destroyed for road gravel

     According to the Huffington Post, "A construction company has essentially destroyed one of Belize's largest Mayan pyramids with backhoes and bulldozers to extract crushed rock for a road-building project, authorities announced on Monday." For something as priceless as a Mayan construction that dates back to an established society 2,300 years ago to be destroyed for gravel is a horrible situation. Belize is just an example of how we must work harder to preserve our world. With the world entering an age of accountability, it is pertinent that people be held accountable for their actions. Belize is just the most recent piece of art destroyed on this planet. Hopefully people will start to realize the value of the world around them, and the atrocities we have committed in our ignorance.

     How can we help educate cultures on the value of the world around us?

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