Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3D Scans Show Caterpillar Mid-Metamorphosis

     National Geographic recently published a piece on three dimensional scans revealing what is going on exactly underneath the skin of a cocoon. Essentially it almost seems alien, one creature turning into another. National geographic cites the reason as to why this is so successful for insects is because pre-metamorphosis insects do not have to compete for the same food sources as insects post-metamorphosis. Although people have had a chance to dissect cocoons, it hasn't been documented exactly whats going on inside until now.

     The insects inside literally turn into a soup, being placed in other locations and organs are reorganized throughout the cocoon. They also cited that this could even be used to help fight crime; as larvae from blowflies come so predictably to decaying corpses that they could log the time of death by seeing how far along the blowfly is in its metamorphosis. This is an amazing use of technological advances today, and with new ideas being formed on how to effectively use our advances the future is looking brighter every day.

I wonder if an insects perception of reality is altered, it is a transformation.

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