Thursday, May 16, 2013

Google & Nasa Launch First Quantum Computer

     The BBC news reports "Google wants to use the facility at Nasa's Ames Research Center in California to find out how quantum computing might advance techniques of machine learning and artificial intelligence, including voice recognition." The presence of a constructed quantum computer is an amazing feat. The cost of the computer was fifteen million dollars, a small price to pay for the world's first quantum computer. University researchers will also get to use the quantum computer "...20% of the time on the machine via the Universities Space Research Agency (USRA).".

     This computer is unique in that it uses "quantum annealing - a way of distilling the optimal mathematical solutions from all the possibilities.". For right now, the best use they can make of this quantum computer is to choose the most optimal solution among a  problem with multiple solutions. "In one case it took less than half a second to do something that took conventional software 30 minutes.". With the development of the first quantum computer, this is just a glimpse of the capabilities of the future.

     Imagine if they could actually optimize a quantum computer for three dimensional rendering.

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