Monday, May 13, 2013

South Korea SAT's shutdown after suspected cheating

     SAT tests were recently shutdown in South Korea after a string of scandals broke out. According to the Wall Street Journal " least seven lawmakers have been accused of academic plagiarism...". Also in the article it is stated that an official copy of the SAT can be purchased for around 4500$ by students in South Korea. This provides an obvious example of how the current schooling system while sufficient, fails us in different ways.

     It's hard to propose a new construction for schooling, but it is evident under the current structure school is failing students. Being able to purchase an official SAT booklet for 4500$ is the equivalent of buying an SAT score. The pressure of success has brought people to the brink where they see 4500$ as an investment into their test scores. A solution may not be evident, but it is evident that a solution is needed.

     How can students be in a comfortable enough environment without feeling the pressure to cheat?

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