Saturday, July 20, 2013

Featuring the Galaxy S3

The Heart of the Galaxy S3

     The Samsung Galaxy S3 is an amazing electronic mobile device. It's essentially a miniaturized computer, complete with a motherboard and processor. I installed my own personal computer part by part including the motherboard, processor, graphics processing unit, power supply and three hard drives. I was recently interviewed for a tech position and realized that I had never first hand taken apart the Galaxy S3 and put it back together. I decided to dive right in.


     I found that like my computer it is put together with electronic components and ultimately I found it to be very similar (though much smaller).

     I obtained a phillips screw driver and got to work. Each screw came out easily enough, which led to me pulling apart the top plastic that also held the back speaker.

Internal Components

 First Take of the Galaxy S3 with the Back Cover Removed

    A white wire runs from the side of the phone into the motherboard enabling the 3G connection by antenna.



Motherboard of the Galaxy S3

     As I took out another screw that was in the motherboard, I could see the front and back of the board. I noticed several distinct things while taking apart my phone. I saw ports for the cameras to be plugged in, ports for speakers, and one also for the touch pad sensor.

     I immediately realized that I could easily take out any part that connects to a Samsung Galaxy S3 and replace it with a new piece if I ever needed to.

      I found a full list of components of the Samsung Galaxy S3 motherboard on ifixit.

An Amazing Electronic Piece

     The Galaxy S3 is truly a miniaturized computer, and I  was ecstatic that this interview pushed me to new depths and that I could come from the experience with a new skill.

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